Chilgrove Vodka 40% 1 x 70cl Bottle

Chilgrove Vodka 40% 1 x 70cl Bottle

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1 x 70cl bottle

Brewery:  Chilgrove


Nestled at the foot of the South Downs, surrounded by woodland and steeped in thousands of years of history and tradition lies the sleepy Sussex hamlet of Chilgrove. This beautiful corner of rural England is home to Chilgrove Vodka, an extraordinary spirit as sophisticated as it is gloriously English.

The very first of its kind, this seriously smooth English Vodka is distilled using crystal clear natural mineral water, filtered through the chalky South Downs which surround Chilgrove, together with a neutral spirit distilled from grapes. It is this unique relationship which gives Chilgrove Vodka its silky-smooth and elegant character.

Botanical Alchemy

To handcraft a gin as unusually fine as Chilgrove requires three essential elements.

Eleven outstanding bontanicals 

Just as with any cricket team worth its salt, each member of this botanical 1st XI has been painstakingly chosen for it’s ability to bring something truly special to the team. The unique recipe embraces the hidden virtues of wild water mint, grains of paradise and citrus peel, using them to complement the extraordinary juniper berry and coriander seed.

A master distiller of exceptional pedigree

Each small batch of Chilgrove Gin is crafted in traditional pot stills under the watchful eye of our master distiller, who just happens to be the scion of a gin distilling dynasty that stretches back to the 17th Century.


It takes a process we refer to as ‘Botanical Alchemy’ to create a gin that combines so perfectly the finely balanced elect of botanicals together with the less tangible sense of ‘Englishness’ which lies at the very heart of this glorious spirit.

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