Pretty self-explanatory here: sour beers are sour. With beer styles ranging from gueuzes to the Berliner weisse, sour beers have flavour profiles that are sure to please and, of course, shock. Despite some flavours that can best be described as "funk," rest assured these beers aren't off: they're meant that way!

Belgian lambics and gueuzes are known for their sour and dry features because they're made by a process known as open-air fermentation: that means that the flora and fauna local to that brewery have a lot of say in how the beer is going to turn out. With regards to beers like the German Berliner weisse or Flanders Reds, they achieve their funky sourness with help from various wild yeast strains and bacterias.

Admittedly, these styles can be a bit of an acquired taste. Yet, the fruit lambics from the likes of Cantillon or Lindeman's are an easier starting point into the world of funk. You could also try pouring a bit of raspberry syrup into a Berliner weisse--like The Kernel London Sour--it's the way the German's do it!