Alechemy Enigma 5.5% 9g (E-Cask)

Alechemy Enigma 5.5% 9g (E-Cask)

Weight:  52.80kg



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1 x 9g cask

Gyle:  775
Brewery:  Alechemy


Our best ever performing beer, Citra Burst IPA had to be discontinued about a year ago because you just could not get Citra for love or money.

That is now changed, we once again have the fabled hop and the next evolution of our Citra IPA is about to be launched. I’d be thrilled to get it to you as the very first customers to get it, limited to max 6 casks or kegs. This will also come with backing from me: we can create a bit of a song and a dance for everyone, because it’s something we feel is pretty special and a core part of our identity recovered. :)

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