Hayman's London Dry Gin 40% 1 x 70cl Bottle

Hayman's London Dry Gin 40% 1 x 70cl Bottle

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1 x 70cl bottle

Gyle:  HMLDG70
Brewery:  Hayman's


Hayman’s London Dry Gin is the culmination of Christopher Hayman’s 40 years involvement in the distillation of gin.

This Hayman’s London Dry Gin reflects Christopher’s belief that the traditional style of gin is still the finest example of a classic London Dry Gin.

He believes that it is the careful and consistent balance of juniper, coriander, orange and lemon peel which is vital in crafting a classic style of London Dry Gin.

Hayman’s London Dry Gin starts life when 10 carefully selected botanicals are steeped in grain alcohol for 24 hours. These are then distilled, allowing the flavours of the individual botanicals to develop to their full potential.

The Master Distiller then personally handcrafts the gin during distillation to ensure the middle run is always of the highest quality.


Juniper Berries from Bulgaria or Macedonia
Coriander seed from Bulgaria
Nutmeg from India
Cinnamon from Madagascar
Orange Peel from Spain
Angelica root from Belgium or France
Orris root from Italy
Cassia bark from China
Liquorice from Sri Lanka
Lemon peel from Spain.

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